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13th July 2006, 08:50 AM
Hey Folks,

I've not been getting on well with Windows recently, to be fair its been a rocky relationship from the start (3.1). To complicate things, I've fallen for another hotter OS - the sweet Fedora.

So, I want to leave Windows... for good!

I'm aiming on running my main machine Windows free and wondered if you guys could offer some advice on smoothing the break-up...

Namely, my main concerns are

a) I run graphics applications like Macromedia Fireworks, oh and HTML editors like FrontPage (I know, I know...) and arn't sure about the Linux counterparts (I don't know any!)

b) I run video editing on and off and have Panasonic software to get digital video off my camcorder and would like to still be able to do so.

c) I have ActiveSync syncing up my contacts and callender from my phone with outlook.

So, can you give me an idea how well supported drivers and those examples apps would be on Fedora?

If I run WINE for the odd application, will it handle device drivers?

General advice, specific application suggestions, device driver comments welcome.


ps, I'm still want to be married to my lovely wife, not just to Windows anymore ;)

13th July 2006, 11:43 AM
Well a good graphics package with linux has to be the GIMP (not pulp fiction) graphical image manipulation program whcih for nothing is second to none. You will also find a utility called ImageMagik (which you will have to work at) that also give raw image manipulation power.

For HTML you have a wide range of tools to get the job done. Simple searched for HTML editor LInux will yield more than you would care to look at (bluefish springs to mind).

http://www.robfisher.net/video/ is a site that deals with video editing BUT as I dont own a camera Ive never been into it, BUT surely someone on here has and will give you a pointer to the best app out there.

No idea about activesync but chances are you will find some tool that does this.

So two out of three aint bad so far.


13th July 2006, 11:49 AM
I'll leave most of the comments to others, since I'm not familiar with ActiveSync and don't do video editing, but there are decent substitutes for FrontPage in linux. One is NVU, which has a 'how-to' in that section of the Forum. Personally, I prefer Bluefish, which is html based, but you can preview your work prior to publishing. As to software equivalents, check out these pages: http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and http://chlug.org/oss_equiv.php As you can see, there are often many more varieties available for linux than for Windows. I seldom use Wine as native programs seem to fit the bill and are often superior.

No OS is perfect in every respect and there's nothing wrong with using multiple OS's to make life easier for you. It's all about choice and exploring options. Unlike real life, you can have your wife and the mistress too!

13th July 2006, 03:53 PM
To add to what others have posted...

b) I run video editing on and off and have Panasonic software to get digital video off my camcorder and would like to still be able to do so.[B]

There are a number of video-editing programmes for Linux. kino and cinelerra are the two that come to mind immediately.

If you want to take a look at this sort of thing before you do any installation, there's a LiveCD (i.e. you just boot it - you don't install anything to your HDD) called "dyne:bolic" that has this sort of thing on it. It's supposed to be very good (but I don't do video-editinig, so I've no personal experience).

You can find dyne:bolic at Distrowatch (http://distrowatch.com/)


13th July 2006, 05:11 PM
I like NVU for html...for video editing I have messed with MainActor ( I believe it is retail software which came with Suse 9.3 retail).

14th July 2006, 05:37 AM
I'm a big fan of inkscape (a vector image apps), scribus (a pagelayout app) and vi (for HTML).

15th July 2006, 01:39 PM
how about flash, can you make flash in linux?

17th July 2006, 09:24 AM
Yes you can, but not with a tool like Macromedia (to my knowledge).

PHP has an API to flash via a library called MING (which as far as I know can be accessed via other languages like PERL and C++). So yes it does but not with any frontend for drawing and managing your flash app.


17th July 2006, 11:08 AM
Unlike real life, you can have your wife and the mistress too!

Oh your Honor! How true it is. :D