View Full Version : TVtime is great

9th July 2006, 04:09 AM
I am not sure what is different about my video capture card, but TVtime is the only video program I have found that works with it. I tried Zapping, video4linux and mythtv and not a one worked right. Zapping gave a picture with normal sound and color, but the picture was only an inch tall and went from one side of my monitor to the other, very distorted picture. Video4linux gave me a loud hum in the speakers with no other audio and the video and the color was a long way of--all purple on top and green on bottom, by the way the vertical blanking bar was in the middle of the picture. Mythtv I simple could not get it to start up. TVtime worked automatically, no configuring, no adjusting several parameters to get it to work. The TVtuner card is an IOmagic PVR. All I want is a program that can record my tv programs in linux that is. PowerVCR II 3.0 for windows works great, the problem is that it is a windows program. Too bad TVtime does not record.