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6th July 2006, 08:46 PM
For work, I need to buy a high-end FC 4 or 5 system and I'm just starting the research. I've looked at monarch computing, pogolinux, and a couple of others, but the customized pre-built linux systems on-line seem exceptionally expensive. I could go to a non-linux store, where the total cost of a customized system is almost half the price of the linux systems (pogolinux vs. envision computing solutions), but i'm worried I'll end up with something that won't quite work on FC (like having SATA drive problems).

Can anyone recommend a good place to get a high-end linux system (dual-core Athlon 4000+ or equivalent), that can be customized?


7th July 2006, 04:26 AM
You may want to have a look here:http://www.linux.org/vendor/system/desktop.html

7th July 2006, 04:29 AM
Personally I like building myself. I buy all of my parts from www.newegg.com

My suggestion, find a sig block which lists a system similar to what you want. Find out from them what they use and see if they had problems.

For example, it looks like Seve has a system very similar to what you are looking for. If he had little problems with FC5, you have a good place to start working from.

Of course, since this is for work, they may not allow you to build. So, my advice may be completely irrelevant to your needs, but maybe somebody elses in the future. :)

7th July 2006, 12:39 PM
Thanks for the link Seve. I've looked at some of companies listed...been a little disappointed in what I've seen so far, except for Penguin, which is a little on the pricy side, but not too bad. I've had a good experience with them in the past.

pparks1, thanks for the thoughts. The trouble with sigs (for me) is that you don't know if everything is working on the listed system. I've struggled to get various things working with FC on my current computer, so I'm hoping i can get something that works immediately.

What I might do is use one of the custom build features on one of the linux system web sits to get a list of hardware that works, and then go to a cheaper site and have them build it. To be fair, I'll offer the linux site a chance to build the system at a reasonable price first.

7th July 2006, 02:24 PM
The trouble with sigs (for me) is that you don't know if everything is working on the listed system
Yes, I agree and that is why I also included

Find out from them what they use and see if they had problems

I've had no problems with my setup on FC4 or FC5, but it's underpowered for what you are looking to do.

7th July 2006, 02:59 PM
I can tell you FC 4 and 5 recognized my sata drives with no problems. In fact, big laugh, when I tried to put XP on this computer it wouldnt recognize the sata drives without the driver. I wouldnt think anything else would give you any problems except the graphics card. Any cpu, mobo, psu, ram, optical drive, floppy etc should work no questions asked. I go along with PParks suggestion. It will be much cheaper to build your own and you wont have to worry about paying for Windows or having to buy Linux at a premium. My specs are:

AMD X2 4800
Asus A8NE
2GB Corsair DDR400
Antec 480W Neo-Power PSU
Nvidia 7800GT
2 WD 400GB SATA and 1 WD 80GB SATA drives
Lite-On DVD-RW and Lite-On DVD-ROM
Generic floppy (works fine)
multi-card reader (also works fine, just recognized it)
all in a Coolermaster Praetorian case with Coolermaster Aerogate 3 fan controller and 6 80mm case fans.

The only problem I had was with the 7800GT and that was easy to download the driver from Livna. Everything else worked 100% right off the bat with no problems.

29th July 2006, 03:36 PM
I have never had trouble with Manarch until recently and I probably will not recommend anyone (or myself going there again). I switch to newegg and they are much better suited for orders.

Dunno if I can recommend an ASUS baord after their boards took a dump a few years ago when it came to gamers and high end tweaking (non stop blue screens and crashes). I jumped ship to MSI at that point and have never looked back. After exclusively doing system builds for years on Asus I found a much more reliable platform in the MSI products. -- Just some personal experience for ya..

I have a killer setup on this system which would go well with any buisness environment, before you buy send Me a PM and I will give you the specs.

For example: Windows XP Pro running in a virtual machine boots in 6 seconds....

AND the parts for the tower cost well under a grand....

30th July 2006, 02:48 AM
Hi JN4OldSchool. It's comforting to hear that you wouldn't expect a problem with FC5 on a desktop. I've had some issues with drivers on a laptop (not FC's fault of course). I may try and build a system like yours. I've never built one from scratch, I have to say, so it will be an adventure! Seems like the hardest part is getting the fan onto the cpu without cracking it...but my impression here may be out of date.

Thanks wshawn. I've heard a lot of stuff about Monarch going down the tubes. Perhaps someone bought them out? Guess newegg is the place for parts.

Impressive Win XP boot time. On Vmware I think I boot Win XP in 30 sec right now.

Right now it looks like I won't be buying for a couple/few months, but I may PM you then to get your system stats. Thanks for your offer. I may opt for a core duo system too...sounds like it's quite the cpu.

30th July 2006, 03:10 AM
The last machine I built had an AMD Sempron chip and the retail fan was an absolute breeze to put on. So much better than the earlier Athlon Thunderbirds that I worked with in the past.

Please shoot me a message if you need any assistance or advice on what to built. Looking up parts and putting together machines is one of my favorite things to do.