View Full Version : Server may have fried, how do I check?

5th July 2006, 12:59 PM
Well I went out this weekend and noticed that when I came back my clocks were flashing, so we had a brown out or something, but I also realised my websites werent up, even though my server was on.

I couldnt ping the box at all and my router had no entry for it, so I dragged out a monitor to see whats up with it, but the nothing was coming on for the monitor.

I restarted the machine and the monitor showed the compaq logo as it counted ram, then after that was done, the monitor would shut off and I couldnt do anything anymore. I cant get it to go to bios setting, boot from an install cd....anything.

If I unplug harddrives and other things it doesnt toss any warnings out there, just does the same stuff.

The machine is on a surge protector too.

Is something fried? How could I go about checking?

5th July 2006, 02:15 PM
Try burning/booting a liveCD and just poking around your HDs. It's a start. :)

5th July 2006, 04:13 PM
if you can't boot to an install cd or anything than unlikely that trying to boot to a live CD will help. Sounds like the system is not even completing POST if it wont let you into the bios.

To be honest doesn't sound too good but try the following.

Strip the server. Take out everything - memory, CPU, disconnect hard disks. Strip it so you only have a motherboard and a PSU in the system.

Turn it on.

It SHOULD beep like crazy at you. If it does it's good it means the board is health enough to notice there is no ram or CPU.

If that passes put in the CPU and heatsink/fan - try again. It should beep again - just not as much and there should be a pattern to it. if it does good the CPU is not the problem.

Put in the memory and try again - you should be able to get to BIOS.

Worst case scenario your motherboard is gone. Is the server still in warranty? If so you may want to ring supplier (Compaq is it?) before doing any of the above in case you invalidate your warranty.

If it is under warranty and the server techs don't ask you to do something like I have about - start worrying. I am a server tech (not with Compaq) for quite some time now and these are the steps required to ascertain the failed component.

5th July 2006, 04:19 PM
Thanks for the replies, I sort of tried taking things out like ram last night but not all of it, so I will try that tonight.

It is not under warranty but I have a slower mobo/cpu I think I can swap in for the time being if the board fried.