View Full Version : Wine 0.9.16 slower than previous ones?

4th July 2006, 06:55 PM
For some games at least. I had not installed Wine 0.9.16 until it was available through Extras.

For some time now, me and some friends have at least three times a week a Diablo II session (in TCP/IP mode), and for some time now I could stop using Cedega for Diablo (which is a pain to get working properly in FC5, by the way) in favor of Wine, which with latest installments supported the drives mounted via gnome-mount just fine (a God's send!). Anyway, so I upgraded recently to the latest version of Wine, but I DO notice that at least in Diablo, performance has suffer quite a bit. I will have to test other applications such as Starcraft, Warcraft II and maybe even Warcraft III (which at least up to 0.9.15 was much faster than Cedega [using -opengl] on my system). I'm more concerned about older games as for newer I've got Cedega installed (and to speak the truth I'd rather use Wine than Cedega).

What I have noticed thus far:

Diablo II now seems to be more sensible at having the minimap opened than with previous releases of Wine. If the minimap is set to fade any areas or everything, the performance hit is bigger.
Sensitive to the amount of action on the screen. Up to 0.9.15-FC release I never noticed any peformance decrement when there was a lot of action on the screen.
Certain areas make the game run choppy. For instance behind the castle in Lut Golein, when you are using 3D acceleration.
Corrupted visuals if you are using AA/AF filters with your drivers (nVidia) in the form of "tiles" and "ghost trails" in the game, needless to mention this did not happen with 0.9.15
Audio seems to skip quite a bit.

I'm not complaining about these issues, I'm just trying to stablish if anybody else has encountered these issues with Wine 0.9.16 and other games (like in my case Diablo II).

As far as I can tell, Starcraft works pretty much the same... Since it had bee a while since I last played this game, I'm not 100% sure when the performance was compromised, but even in 0.9.15 there seemed to be some problems when a lot of sprites were on the screen, and there was a lot of action, however, to later be renedered at normal speed... Odd...

Anyway, apparently Starcraft behaves pretty much the same as with 0.9.15.