View Full Version : HP double-sided printing problem

Eric Buist
3rd July 2006, 12:20 AM
I have problems printing double-sided with my HP Deskjet 6940 printing with Fedora Core 5. I do not have the duplexing unit because the local stores I have access to only sell me the printer and not these accessories. If I print one-sided documents, everything goes well and fast. And the text is very clean, so the hardware seems to work properly.
For double-sided printing, I tried the same procedure as with my old printer: print odd pages, reload the printed pages, and print even pages.
But that DOES NOT work! When I print odd pages, nothing bad happens. Everything prints correctly without page skipped or partially printed. However, most of the times, when I print the back sides of the pages, the printer skips pages or partially prints a page, skips the next page, and blindly continues printing. The result: totally messed up page numbering. The only solution seems to consider this print as a crappy old device and feed it with one page at a time. But if it was a hardware problem, printing would be chaotic every time, not only when I print back sides. So it seems that the printer "reads" my pages and gets confused if the pages have some text on one side. By default, I cannot print double-sided at all; the printer prints the first back side, then skips to the last page of the loaded pile of paper! if I set the paper source to Manual Feeder in KPDF, I sometimes get a correct printout, but sometimes pages are skipped.
I tried to ask HP for support, but as soon as I told them about Linux, they referred me to a Web site I could even not see. I tried the chat system, and this did not work at all for the Web link.