View Full Version : ACPI Initialization problem?

29th June 2006, 01:26 AM
Ok, I have the following content in /etc/acpi/events/lid.conf:

The intent is that when the lid is shut I will get a button event and the
the action routine will fire and do suspend to memory for the laptop.

After a fresh boot if I run acpi_listen in terminal window and then hold
down the lid switch the routine does not fire and the screen get blanked
but the system is still active. Nothing will appear the terminal window ie
it appears tha acpi does not "see" the event.

Ok, now if I choose "suspend" from the system menu, The system will
go into "suspend to memory" mode ie all the lights go out and the screen
goes dark.

When awakened, Everything comes back to life and the terminal will show:
battery BAT0 00000081 00000001
after several moments the laptop will automagically suspend again
( a left over event from pushing the lid switch?) when awakened
the terminal screen shows and addtional event
battery BAT0 00000081 00000001

However, if I now shut the lid the laptop will go into suspend to memory mode
and when the lid is opened the laptop comes back to life and the following
two lines are added to the terminal display:
button/lid LID0 00000080 00000001
battery BAT0 00000081 00000001
Subsequent lid closings/openings will result in the proper behavior
and the above two lines will be repeated.

I cannot get gnome-power-manager to react to lid open/closing so that is
why I am using ACPI.

It appears that I have to "kick" acpi inorder to get the ball rolling.

Is the problem unique to my hardware ( HP DV4000 Centrino Chipset).