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27th June 2006, 12:14 AM
I'm not new to linux but have not gotten too involved with it over the years; but now I NEED a good ticket system and RT is it!! What I'd like to do is get a procedure created and have it for users to follow when installing to make life easier. I could use some help.......

I'm having a hard time getting RT to work 100% I have installed FC5 with RT3.4.5 and can do 9/10 of the actions (just not inbound mail).

I'v also tired recently to do an install of RT3-3.4.5-1.fc5.src.rpm. That seemed easier but then had a mysqladmin problem, so I just gave up and am I'm going to try and install the newest version 3.6.0 the same way I did the 3.4.5.

If anyone has a procedure that they used please let me know. I'll eventually do the same.