View Full Version : Corrupt Login Screen

24th June 2006, 03:53 AM
hey guys, i am new to linux and i must say I LOVE IT! its soo much better then Windows, in my opinion. just sux that there are still some programs that only run on win and not on linux. Any ways to the problem. I was screwing arnd with the themes in KDE and i installed a login screen that i thought would have looked nice. however, after activating it, when i restarted to c what it would look like, i get an error saying that the theme is corrupt and does not have user name and password vars or smt like that, so when it boots in the plain login screen, the login button is grayed out. so i cant login :confused: . i then went into grub and set my boot options to boot in text mode and logged in manually and then did startx to load up gnome and try to put back my old login screen. But when i click on the login screen program it wont load :eek:

does n e one know how i can put my login screen back to the default without reinstalling ??

24th June 2006, 04:11 AM
lol nvm i did it! went into the config file and changed the theme!! sorry for the waste of post