View Full Version : Blank screen after booting process

4th guy
17th June 2006, 04:47 PM
I have decided to give FC5 x64 a spin (this is my first Linux OS in all my years of computing). I downloaded the DVD ISO and burned it on a blank DVD disk. So far so good. Then, I partitioned my disk (Partition 1: WinXP SP2, Partition 2: FC5), installed the OS on my second partition (I'm using it's boot loader) but after I boot I get the blank (black) screen of vaugeness just before I log on. I have tried reinstalling several times (I think I must have spent over 6 hours on this problem) Any ideas on this?

My computer:
Radeon 9250
(I don't know if any more information is needed, if you do just ask)

Thanks in advance.