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12th June 2006, 12:37 PM
is there any chance of making yum to show also not only the software package version, architecture but also when was the date released or uploaded into that current repo?

like so

software.name.gc5 i386 to be updated DATE-UPLOADED-to-repo site

just a passing thought

12th June 2006, 01:46 PM
Hmmm... you'd almost think that a tweak like that would have to come from the repository itself. Some repositories do list the recent ones by date if you go to their site.

12th June 2006, 03:00 PM
yes. i was thinking of having this wherein a typical user can have an graphical option of
rolling packages back by point of date or restore point considering he doesnt need to do

rpm -e package.rpm
or rpm -qa packagename.rpm

of his last or recent upgrade specially if his last uprade result doesnt work out right
to his satisfaction.

#2 atleast the user can know if the packages from that repo is latest, by looking at the date that
yum is showing while searching for it, without having to go to the repo website.

the question at the end of yum search like

Install now? [Y/N]

really doesnt tell user that this is done 7 days ago or just yesterday or a month ago specially if the user is just new to fedora.

some thoughts, mmm.

13th June 2006, 02:24 AM
I don't think date information is currently saved in a yum repository. rpm packages do record the date they were built, but you're hardly going to download the whole thing just to find out the date.

As to whether the repo is updated, infastructure has had a mirror management system on their todo list for a while. (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/MirrorManagement)