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12th June 2006, 04:28 AM
I observed something interesting today.

When I ran Clamscan, it reported a virus in the Thunderbird junk mail. Now, I had deleted the junk mail from the junk mail folder, and then emptied the trash. Nevertheless, Clamscan still reported the virus present.

I then did a bit of browsing in the .thunderbird folder, and viewed the Junk file as well as the Junk.msf file. Behold! The mail that I had deleted was still there.

It looks like one has to manually select the "Compact Folders" item from the File menu in order to actually purge the deleted junk mail. Once that is done, the junk mail is truely deleted.

Now, why that isn't the default when I delete it to the trash and then empty the trash is beyond me. I sure don't want junk mail hanging around and tying up disk space. Although it is set to automatically delete junk mail that is over 14 days old, I should think that if I manually delete an item of junk mail that it would be purged completely as well. Of course, there may be some technical reason it is done this way that I don't know of.



10th July 2006, 12:25 AM
interesting find, on irc.mozilla.org - find the guys that write the docs and explain what you found to them so they can update faqs/documentation about this "feature" you discovered :)