View Full Version : After hybernate acpi messes up

Jeff Sadowski
3rd June 2006, 04:33 PM
I was experimenting with hybernate just to see how well it works and was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue?

I have a HP nc6000 (I wish I had an Nvidia card)
It seems that when I come out from after a hybernate that acpi no longer responds correctly
I tried restarting my acpid and my battery monitor now responds correctly but If I touch the power button now nothing happens.

tailing the logs it sees when I press the lid button and when I remove shore power but not when I press the power button.

I would like to use my power button without having to reboot. I was planning on having it do the suspend each time so I could just come back to where I left off.

If anyone knows of a fix or some documentation that might help with this issue I would greatly appriciate it, thanks.