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London Dude
3rd June 2006, 04:10 PM
I am relatively new to Linux and have just started using Fedora Core 4. Today is the first time i have tried to "tweak" it in any way and I am already completely baffled.

Firstly, I can't play mp3s. I tried to install realplayer as when I tried to play them in Helix, I was told RealPlayer would support them but Helix wouldnt. I first tried to install realplayer using the instructions on their website but it wouldn't start. I also tried installing it with an rpm but although I get the bouncy icon in KDE, it just stops after a minute and does nothing. - any ideas?

I also tried to install the flock web browser using the instructions on their website but it wouldnt start either. It wouldn't even give me the bouncy icon. - any ideas here?

P.S. I am more or less a complete newbie to Linux. I know some basic things but nothing much more. Please keep any instructions simple

Thanks very much

3rd June 2006, 06:20 PM
Here's an excellent site to help with your problems: http://stanton-finley.net/fedora_core_4_installation_notes.html As to Flock, it's very similar to Firefox. I downloaded it to /home temporarily and then moved it to /usr/local, where I extracted it. Once extracted, a new folder will appear and inside that you'll find a file simply called 'flock'. Clicking on that will launch it. Then, if you want, you can modify your menu to add it or simply drag the 'flock' file to the desktop and link it there. As with Firefox, there is a plugins folder that you'll symlink your java and also flash. If you need help, we can work it out of course, but if you carefully read the 'java' symlink instructions from Stanton Finley, you'll soon understand how a symlink works and can substitute the right paths to get the links in Mozilla symlinked to the Flock plugins.

3rd June 2006, 06:29 PM
And Mitchell, don't be discouraged by some initial glitches. There is a lot to learn with a new operating system like linux, but once you spend some time with it, you'll begin to see how everything comes together and it will become pretty easy. There are many resources to help you out. I just mentioned one of the best, and there's also http://www.fedorafaq.org/fc4/ which is an excellent resource. BTW, each will give you a way to set up yum. The FedoraFAQ way is the one recommended by Fedora, using Livna as the additional repository, while the way on Stan's site is the other option. Either will work for you, but please select one and stick with it.

London Dude
4th June 2006, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the help bob, the links you posted were a great help.

I found alternative instructions for installing flock on their website.
They are at http://wiki.flock.com/index.php?title=FAQ#How_do_I_install_Flock_on_Linu x.3F