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3rd June 2006, 06:21 AM
im running FC5 on an IBM T42, for part of the install for the wifi card, i need to do a make with a link to the kernel source

the readme for the software says to install Kernel-devel and Kernel-headers

with package manger i have installed kernerl-devel but cant find headers (not to worry at the moment) but what i want to do, is when i do the MAKE command, i want to point it to the kernel-devel location of where this package is.,..

is there a default place where it goes?? is there a way of finding out??


3rd June 2006, 07:43 AM
Hopefully this is good news. Not exactly sure but i found this: http://sulug.stanford.edu/thinkpad/
and it says it uses the ipw2200 drivers.

So have you tried getting the ipw2200 drivers via yum???
yum install ipw2200

Other than that, there are like 10 threads on the intel pro wireless drivers so im sure one of them has the solution to get you going after you get the drivers installed. Seriously though if it uses those drivers then just install it via yum. unless you've already done that and I'm missing something?

4th June 2006, 07:48 AM
i am following the directions of this page:
only because the person who wrote this is having the same issues as i am. I have tried installing the ipw2200 drivers through yum and it didnt work :(