View Full Version : dual-head with riva tnt2 and voodoo2

2nd April 2004, 09:42 PM
I recently came into a riva tnt2 agp card which i have installed with the nvidia driver pre-packaged from livna.org. I also have a voodoo2 pci card which has been working fantabulously with the tdfx driver for years. I can't seem to get these two working in a dual-head configuration. X starts enough to lock out <ctrl>-<alt>-<bksp> and <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> but doesn't even load a mouse pointer. It's inconsistent too. Sometimes the nvidia logo displays, and sometimes it doesn't I'm not at the machine right now, so I can't post a log snippet, will do that tonight. Each card works quite well in single-head setup, it just breaks when I configure dual-head. I used redhat-config-xfree86 to get the basic config done, then changed the XF86Config by hand to use the nvidia driver. I also commented out the DRI config section, but the DRI module was not listed. I did install the nvidia-glx package too, and have the 'service' enabled. Not sure what to look at next.