View Full Version : ACPI, hotkeys, and Firefox

1st June 2006, 05:09 PM
I recently installed FC 5 on my Asus laptop without too many difficulties. At this point, I am working on setting up my hotkeys with ACPI. I have been fairly successful so far, but I am stuck on a key that is supposed to launch a web browser. Here is what I have done:


if [ $USERNAME == root ]; then
firefox &
su - $USERNAME -c export DISPLAY=:0.0;firefox &

I chmoded the script after creating it. I also restarted acpid.

When the terminal window (with root as user) is still open and I press the button, the browser launches. After closing the terminal window, however, the button fails to work again. Is this some sort of privileges issue or something else? I am pretty new to Linux and I didn't write the script myself.