View Full Version : FC5 x86_64 strangeness with firefox, thunderbird, and xmms

26th May 2006, 03:43 PM
i run FC5 on a dual cpu box and stay current with most updates, courtesy of yum.
there are strange persistent problems with firefox, thunderbird, and xmms.

i use the FC5 xmms binary but use mozilla.org binaries for firefox and
thunderbird. when FC5 was first installed, there were no problems.
the problems appeared over time (not all at once).

firefox hangs after printing consistently, even in -safe-mode. when run
under gdb, glibc detects corrupted malloc info.

thunderbird hangs just after poping up its GUI, even in -safe-mode.
when run under gdb, it blows out gdb. when run under strace,
it causes strace to SEGV!

xmms refuses to play anything, claiming some unspecified problem with ALSA.

i've attached a typescript of firefox choking on bad memory, of thunderbird
goosing gdb & strace, and of xmms opening lots of /dev/ files but still
refusing to play.

any thought, comment, suggestion, lead would be welcome.


26th May 2006, 03:50 PM
attachemens this time?

2nd June 2006, 11:37 AM
problems all resolved. the xmms/thunderbird problems were all due to a hanging sox instance locking up the audio device. xmms refused to play and thunderbird just hung, all without reporting the real problem. the firefox problem was just resolved by which, among other things, fixed some memory corruption problems.