View Full Version : kasablanca install help

25th May 2006, 05:01 AM
Hi there guys,

I'm trying to find an FTP client that:

1)remembers multiple servers and info(login, remote and local directory upon connect)
2)allows batch, queued and passive transfers
3)doesn't look like it belongs on the screen of a TRS-80

and I found kasablanca. I can see that it doesn't have all of the features I want, but it's the closest I've found so far. My problem is that I don't see a package listed for fedora. Like almost all FTP clients I've found for linux, the development seems to be dead, and I don't expect an answer back to my question, so I'm asking here.

Can I install one of the rpms intended for another OS? If not, is there another way to install it?

On a related note, does anyone know of an FTP client that has the features I'm looking for that is intended for Fedora?