View Full Version : installation on a Compact Flash Memory Card

23rd May 2006, 09:10 PM
I am relatively new to the Linux game. The system that I've been asked to work on is mostly in Win/MFC, however, it communicates with a system (embeded) that is running Linux We need to create a "bootable disk," from a Compact Flash Memory card that is hooked to the system via a rigging that hooks it into the IDE slots. After working on this for a few days, I've only succeeded in creating 1 bootable disk.

It seems that after passing the fdisk stage, the system will NOT acknowledge the newly created partition (using hdc1). Consequently, mke2fs will not run (can't stat the drive) and obviously it's no use to even try Tune2fs.

Once again, this worked yesterday afternoon (at least finally did one time) so I have a working card. I need to understand what I did differently yesterday, so that I can make it a "repeatable" process.

Thanks (in advance) for any and all help,