View Full Version : Need Help: How to configure power button to restart machine when it gets pressed?

22nd May 2006, 06:17 AM
Hi could any one tell me in FC5 how do I configure power button to restart machine when it gets pressed rather than shut down, thanks.
This may seem to be unreasonable but I have a very weird problem on my DELL inspiron 9300 notebook. When I shut it down, at very last second the HDD makes a noise that sounds like it is a power cut (e.g. the noise is the same when the machine freezes and I hold power button down for 5 seconds to turn it off), but it does not make any noise at all if I shut down from WindowsXP(I have dual boot). I suppose it is a power management issue related to kernel and other complex stuff so before I can solve the HDD noise problem I would like to press the power button to restart to windows and then shut it down normally. Any help is much appreciated.

22nd May 2006, 07:19 AM
isn't that a bios option?

however, the last thing that my FC shows before powering down is "Shutting down hda" and "Shutting down hdb".. Then, I hear them going off and only after that does the PC go off as well..
On Windows, it doesn't do that.
(So, basically, I have the same symptoms, you have)

I never thought anything of that, and my system runs fine for over two years now.. :)
I guess it has just something to do with windows handling hardware stuff differently than Fedora.

something different: if you select "Remove USB-storage" in windows, you can't just use that device again without re-plugging it again, because Windows completely takes away all power from the usb-port (and waits till something is plugged in again)... on linux, you can remount as often as you like, because the port is powered all the time..

Bottom line, I wouldn't worry :)
Plus, constant fear for your hdd to go poof helps to force oneself to do backups regularly ;)


22nd May 2006, 10:52 PM
try this,



# This is a sample ACPID configuration


after editing:
/etc/init.d/acpid restart

Kind regards,