View Full Version : System crash no grub GUI

20th May 2006, 10:28 PM
Just curious (as always) XPhome/FC5 dual boot single HD
I recently had a crash on my dual lboot single HD system. Reboots hung on the grub startup. For example,
the system would go through the bios/cmos check, it would poll the CD's and GRUB would appear and just
hang there (text only, never got to grub screen).

I managed to get it back up and running with the Install CD and upgrade. all is back 100% where it was before
it crashed but I am curious what happened and if
chroot /mnt/sysimage <Return>
grub-install --recheck /dev/hda1 would have done the trick.
I've read so many threads about this I should have been able to do it in my sleep, but not being able to get to
the forum and search the threads and actually see som grub info, I was lost.

Example of broken boot
bios/cmos check...
ram check...
then nothing but 3 finger salute.

Example of fixed boot
bios/cmos check...
ram check...
GRUB Stage 2
then it goes on to grub screen and boots current kernel

as you can see, stage 2 is missing from the broken boot.

May not be enough info, but with this little bit of info, does anyone have an idea of what might have happened
to cause the crash? It's "almost" like it wasn't finding the HD(?).

I now have a live CD for future crashes so I can get online and research (I hope I never need it ;) ).