View Full Version : Dell Inspiron 8200 mouse traveling to corner of screen FC4

18th May 2006, 05:08 AM
I recently installed Fedora 4 on my Inspiron 8200. For some reason, the cursor randomly decides to run to a corner of the screen and then become stuck there like some mouse driver is thinking that I am pushing in that direction. I used a touchpad disable function and the problem still occurs. I am also using a USB mouse with it, but removing the mouse and enabling the touchpad still does not help.

Instructions I used to enable synclient: http://www.fourmilab.ch/fourmilog/archives/2006-02/000651.html

18th May 2006, 06:43 AM
When you said you tried the touchpad disable function do you mean the GUI in system/preferences/more preferences/touchpad <- which will only show up if you have gsynaptics installed (available through yum) that's what the SHMconfig "on" is for in x11, so that it will show up in your system preferences, even though i believe it should be SHMConfig "true" instead of "on" (that's what mine is anyways) Anyways, the touchpadoff=1,0 option listed in your link should have done the trick. I'm guessing you want to be able to use the mouse when you want, but still have the ability to use the touchpad when you want as well. If you didn't want to use the touchpad at all I'd tell you to just comment out those lines that deal with the touchpad in your xorg.conf.

biker frog
20th May 2006, 01:48 AM
This isn't the kind of help you are looking for but it may help. My Dell Inspiron 8500 mouse does that on accasion too. I found that it is the mouse stick thing between "G" and "H". After trying to fix it through conventional methods and finding nothing that worked I started playing with it to try to make it do it so I could figure out what was happening. I never figured out why it happens but I did figure out that at least on my laptop when it happens if I take the blue piece off of it and carefully but forcefully move it like I'm forcing the mouse to go where its going on its own after about 15 seconds the mouse goes back to normal. Then I put the blued cap back on it and go about what I had been doing.
Like I said, not what you were looking for probably but it may help.