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10th May 2006, 05:29 PM
I just finished building my new AMD64 machine. I've only been working with linux for the last 18 months, so if I havnt' seen it before, I have a tough time with it.

From what I see here on the forums it seems like the 64bit version of FC5 is a little tougher to get running properly than the 32bit version. So here's what I have for hardware, and my situation.

**Old Machine **New Machine
Athlon XP 3200 (2.0 Ghz) Athlon64 2.2Ghz
VIA Motherboard DFI Motherboard
NVidia 6600GT (AGP) NVidia 6600GT (PCIx)
512 Generic RAM 2Gb GSkill RAM

I transplanted my 200Gb Hard drive with FC5 on it (hdb) and my 40Gb Windows Drive (hda) straight over, so the only hardware that the machines have in common were the Hard Drives. I booted it up last night, and havn't had to power down once since. I have seen about a 10% increase in performance, which seems consistant with going from 2.0 to 2.2 Ghz, quadrupling RAM, and AGP to PCIx. I havn't changed anything, and World of Warcraft through Cedega performs at about 10FPS faster with the new hardware.

I have already downloaded the FC5_64 cd's, and plan on doing an upgrade from the same hard disk I'm upgrading.
#mount -o loop cd.iso /mountpoint
#cpio -r /mountpoint/* /installdir

I did this same trick for an FC5 network install, and noticed there that there is an option to install from a disk. I assume this will work, but am not sure. If nothing else, I'll have the Cd's Burned and ready to do a manual install.

So my big question is:
With grub installed on my Windows Drive (hd0 in grubspeak), if I seperate the hard drives into two computers (40 gig will stay inthe old system, and the 200 gig will come over with the new), how can I get Windows to boot properly, since grub won't be able to find /dev/hdb to mount and look for /etc/fstab for the properites on how to boot windows?

Any tips on the upgrade from the same disk, or answers to how to get Grub to let go of hda/hd0, or work arounds to anticipate would be very much appreciated.

10th May 2006, 10:38 PM
If I understand what you want to end up with?
One PC with Windows and the other with FC5?
The one with Windows 40GB drive ... ?
I would test the theory by yanking out your FC5 hard disc and see if by booting from the Windows install disc, it can see your C drive ? If so, then you can choose the Repair Console and at the C Prompt type fixmbr and reboot and windows should be good to go.
You could also test the FC5 hard disk in your new PC by booting from the FC Install disc and choosing linux rescue to see if it can find your FC installation. If so, then it is easy to re-install grub. Then you can do your upgrade.