View Full Version : VNCSERVER - external port?

6th May 2006, 10:18 PM
Hey guys
Im pretty new to linux, but i believe ive learnt alot in a short amount of time.

Heres my current setup .

Router - PC(dual nic) - linux box.

The linux box has got internet connection which is shared through my pc(windows xp) using ICS.

I have managed to setup apache and, have port forwarded the port on my router to my xp box, then using windows ICS port routing ( followed guide at http://www.haxial.com/faq/routerconfig/winxp/ ) i have managed to port forward 80 from the xp box to the linux box's ip.

So, http://desu.blogdns.net Will work(you can try that now). (using dydns.org free dns service)
I also setup webmin, and forwarded the port through both the router and the xp box.

So router ->80> xp box ->80> linux box

So thats all good.

Now, i have installed tightvnc on the linux box(i think? lol)

Logged in as a normal user, using the built in KDE remote desktop, i am able to create a VNC server on a custom port( i chose 1337 for example, setup the two layers of routing, and my friends are able to access it over the net using realvnc viewer on windows).

However, i prefer using the command line version(tightvnc i think?)(i think it might be less laggier im not sure + i prefer to be able to login and then boot kde via startkde)

so in console i type: vncserver :1
This creates a vnc server (screen one) and after a bit of googling i found out its external port is 5901.

From the xp box, and :5901 BOTH WORK.

However, after i have setup both layers of forwarding(to 5901) my friends are unable to access the linux box's vnc server.

Any ideas guys?