View Full Version : Keyboard/Mouse Freeze

6th May 2006, 01:13 AM

I've setup up a internal development server for our software team. I'm currently running FC5 with MySQL, Apache, PHP, MediaWiki... on an AMD 2400 with A7N Asus MB, an Nvidia 4600, and 1024mg ram.

The problem I'm having is that my keyboard and mouse have been freezing, but leaving the system running. It is still serving when the input lockup. I have a Kensington mouse, and a Macally Keyboard, both USB. I tried using a PS2 Keyboard, but my BIOS hangs, I think I need to roll that back to an other version.

I tried reinstalling GNOME, I switched to KDE but neither worked. It didn't lockup ever in Terminal mode. This problem did not exist for the first week of this machines life, but has been becoming more frequent.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


Jeff Sadowski
6th May 2006, 03:35 AM
What are you guys talking about not stable? Seriously I am a long time Slackware user and I always found redhat up to version 9 very unfriendly mostly because of dependencies problems with rpms and having to look for one rpm then another and another until I had all the rpms. Yum seems to have fixed that for the most part. I also disliked redhat because they modded the kernel a lot. And building packages never worked for me on a redhat box in the past. I used slackware up to version 10 and I still love slax. But claiming Fedora is unstable I just don't see it. Maybe its because I removed allot of the auto load features and removed its gui startup stuff and all the things I deemed to be stuff I didn't need. But I haven't really had a stability problem. I always found some stability problems in redhats gui startup and hardware detection and still do even with rhel4 I always recommend to my clients to turn that stuff off. I really like fedora and I love yum update I run it every day and I feel very comfortable with it and use it on my laptop. I feel so comfortable with it and like the fact that the upgrades I do with yum fix security issues and bugs that I would even think about using it even on a production server. I know even the people that release it would advise against it but I feel so comfortable with the capability of fixing anything that breaks in such a short time that I just don't see why not.