View Full Version : How do I Execute command on display :1

5th May 2006, 08:31 AM

I have a quick question I can not find the answer to by googling.

I want to execute bittorrent-console in xterm and a command remotely on my display :1

I can open an xterm in display :1 by using
#export DISPLAY=:1
but am not sure how to run a command on this terminal, can anyone point me in the right direction.
Also is there a way of once this terminal is open to view it remotley via another terminal or execute other commands on it remotley. ( I wanted this as I do not always have access to VNC )

5th May 2006, 08:38 AM
I dont get your question. You want bittorrent to work in you terminal or you want to launch bittorrent as an app? if so you have to install via yum:
yum install bittorrent-guiin terminal just type: bittorrent

5th May 2006, 08:49 AM
I can't remember the exact line (It's somewhere on this forum though)...something like
example (this should work):

DISPLAY=:0.0 gedit
DISPLAY=:1.0 gedit

so you should be able to replace gedit with whatever you want