View Full Version : Debian + grub.conf

5th May 2006, 06:24 AM
Ok, here is the problem:

I have 2 hard drives. On the second hd, I havetwo linux partitions. Onmy partition table, they are respectively /dev/hdb1 and /dev/hdb2. The first one contains FC5, the other one Debian. However, when I installed Debian, I didn't want it to overwrite my first GRUB. What I did then was to not install the boot loader. The Debian installation programtold me to boot the kernel /vmlinuz on dev/hdb2 with root=/dev/hdb2.

si I modified my grub.conf file to add the following lines:

title Debian
root (hd1,1) #2nd disk, 2nd partition
kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb2

Now the problem is that it does not work: when I boot Debian, it crashes (cannot mount root device "hdb2", kernel panic: please supply the correct "root=" argument)

I am really lost about the problem here, please help me.
Bruno Marc-Aurele.