View Full Version : Em I getting old..

4th May 2006, 01:09 PM
and does using Xfce4 make me boring??

i only say because, well dam... Its FAST!!!! SO FAST!!!!!

not that my machine is toooooooooo prehestoric, i mean.. i do have 400od meg of ram.. 1.2gigs of pure P3 Celeron brain cruncing power and some sort of geforece4, but everything is reactive, quick, and its not as ugly as ppl make out :P

so far the only thing im missing is a system monitor, cpu / mem / network usages etc etc, and iv seen screen shots with them in play so dam.. XFCE4 I LOVE YOU!!!

Why is this in General Support to you ask? well i just wanted to make sure i wasnt becoming a boring old git, and well if i was i might need your support to help me re-dicsover my youth :P, Im still cool right.. i em right? "whimper"

4th May 2006, 01:30 PM
On behalf of Boring Old Gits everywhere.... Welcome to the Club! Gotta go now, my grandkids are due this weekend and I've got to get the croquet set out of storage for some real sports activities.... (wonder why they don't visit more?)

4th May 2006, 01:31 PM
oh and just to proove XFCE4 is cool, good old glxgears to the rescue,, within Gnome, managed 2400fps

l33t i know..

in XFCE4, a gigantic 2800!!! look how wastefull and bloated gnome is.. Bah.. to it, and its Nautils i pff at you :D

4th May 2006, 03:10 PM
Sounds like a good reason to use xfce...I am an old git too (not as old as bob though :p)