View Full Version : Laptop / Desktop / Server: synchronising users

29th April 2006, 09:32 AM
Whats the best and easiest way to centralise user profiles? (ie user login details + home directory). At present all machines on my network (2x FC5, 1x MCE 2005, 1x XP, 1x soon to be added laptop with FC5) are using local users and I'm manually configuring shares via NFS / samba.

I'd like to upgrade the functionality via implementing some kind of LDAP setup on the server but have little / no experience in this area (done some basic admin on Active Directory but that's it). What's the best way forwards, aside from reading as many How-tos I can google? (and seriously a lot of them don't make too much sense at and I don't know where to start)

I'd like a single sign-on environment but with all the user data (ie home directory and settings, firefox plugins etc.) cached on each local machine so if the network goes down I can still log into each machine and work locally, when the network is restored the contents are then synced. This is esp important as I am adding a laptop shortly

I know I could just keep running rsyncs on my data but the appeal of a single sign on is very strong.

I have approx 1 yr experience on FC4 / FC5, v familiar with basic IP networking including Samba, NFS, rsync, ssh etc. , reasonably comfortable on CLI and vi-ing config files as long as I can figure out where they are hehe - am I being ambitious here? Is this a sensible project>?