View Full Version : hekp with KDE apps networking after KDE update

27th April 2006, 05:00 AM
Hi guys,

I've got an annoying problem and I have no idea where to start looking for its cause.
I was fool enough to update KDE packages from development repositories today, and since this update I've got networking problems in KDE apps - KMail and Konqueror. They say that processes die each time I try to fetch new mail from POP3 server or even connect to any web site (HTTP connection to my router works fine though).
This problem is only with KDE apps, Firefox and Thunderbird run fine.

I run FC5, and the funny part is that prior to the update my KDE was installed from KDE repositories (not the redhat sites). I've probably overwritten the packages with new Fedora's and that caused some damage.

Is there any way to repair this thing? I'm pretty desperate :confused:


28th April 2006, 05:04 AM
Perhaps if we talk about analytical solutions, someone will take pity and tells us a magical one ( like "just do a yum ...." or "uninstall and reinstall the..."). I like to investigate commands by running them with strace. Perhaps the success rate in diagnosing the problem is only about 10%, but that's better than zero. There should be a way to run konqueror from the command like. Perhaps in KDE its icon has a "properties" menu that tells what command line command is used to run it. I don't find such a menu in Gnome. Suppose the command is:
Then try
strace /usr/share/apps/konqueror >&mylog.txt
And look at the mess in mylog.txt and try to see what happened just before the error. If you have another system where konqueror doesn't bomb, you may be able to compare a successful launch to an unsuccessful one.