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31st March 2004, 09:29 AM
I have just finished building myself a new machine and I would like some suggestions an how I should partition the 160 Gb HD.

I'm going to have a 80Gb /media partition for oggs, mpegs etc. How should I partition the remaining 80Gb.

I know there are many ways of doing this and that everyone has their own preference, but I'd like some suggestions.

31st March 2004, 02:47 PM
1. Tell us how many distros of Linux do you want to have.
2. Do you also want to have any version of Windows in the same disk where is Linux.
3. What do you prefer? Install Windows first, or Linux?
4. How much memory RAM do you have?

Anyway, in my first 80Gb I have a lot of partitions:

Primary Partitions
hda1. Windows 98 = 10240 Mb
hda2. Windows XP = 15400 Mb
hda3. Fedora /boot = 100 Mb
hda4. Extended Partition
hda5. Fedora /root= 15350 Mb
hda6. Fedora /swap = 1024 Mb
hda7. Mandrake /boot = 100 Mb
hda8. Mandrake /root = 11350 Mb
hda9. Mandrake /swap = 1024 Mb
hda10. Documents = 11350 Mb
hda11. Misc = 13500 Mb

In my second 80 Gb I have music, videos, photos.

31st March 2004, 03:56 PM
Windows is on a seperate drive.

384 Mb of RAM.

Only one linux distribution.