View Full Version : make oldconfig and Subarchitecture type

20th April 2006, 06:10 AM
I just downloaded the 2.6.16-1.2096.src.rpm and am
using rpmbuild to make it (see URL
Homer's 13 step guide (http://fedoranews.org/cms/node/414)

When I do the make oldconfig step, I'm puzzled that it's offering as the default for
the Subprocessor type:

>9 Generic architecture (Summit, bigsmp, ES7000, default) (X86_GENERICARCH)

which seems to be not very default at all (bigsmp, ES7000, Summit..)
all of which are very specific and big hardwares (enterprise servers, etc)
and not what I would expect for a normal PC which would be:

1. PC-compatible (X86_PC)

should I use 1 (X86_GENERICARCH) or 9 (X86_PC) ?

There seems to be some recent controversy on this on
the lkml mail list:

my PC is a A64 X2 3800 dual core running Fedora 5