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Eric Buist
20th April 2006, 02:01 AM
I am extremely tired of the too small and low contrast I-bean mouse cursor that appears every time. As soon as the mouse goes on a console window, which I set to print white text on a black background, I have difficulty to track the mouse pointer's position.
However, the other cursors of the theme I am currently using are correctly sized. I am using FC5 and I selected the biggest Bluecurve mouse pointer set I could find in the GNOME Mouse applet, Pointer section.
I fair the only solution is to browse on the Internet and find new cursor themes, and try them. However, I expect I will have to try undreds and undreds of themes before I find one that suits my needs, if there is one, and I don't have time for such a frustrating game. Most cursor themes provide too small cursors, and there is no automated way (I know even no manual ways, in fact) to resize them.
Is there any other solution than lowering the resolution to get at least a bigger I-bean, or is there a simple way to throw away the I-bean from the cursor theme and replace it by a normal pointer instead? Since I have a LCD monitor, I am almost stuck to its native 1280x1024 resolution, to avoid scaling.
Note that Windows does not offer me any better solution, so moving back to MS Windows is totally unacceptable. The best I can get on Windows is a specialized magnification software (AiSquared ZoomText) that slows down the machine and even does not work anymore on my new PC! So I would really appreciate a Linux solution for this problem, preferably that works without recompiling everything.

20th April 2006, 02:11 AM
No need to go hunting: