View Full Version : FC5 freezes on startup

19th April 2006, 10:41 AM
Well, when I use to have WinXP on this system at some point I assumed my reg just became crap and windows was freezing almost every boot. So I decided to get rid of win and go Linux, I did a complete format of my system and had was seemed like a clean install. In the beginning FC5 was running like a champ, but lately it too has started to freeze on startup which I thought was really odd.
I have also noticed that sometimes FC5 doesn't pick up my wireless mouse at startup either.
So I am wondering why would I still be having the same problem?
Like I said, I should have a completely clean system, I would figure that a virus for windows (which I don't think I had, I had software at the time) wouldn't affect FC5, (but then I dunno, I don't know much about them)
Hard ware problem?
my BIOS config? well I was thinking that could be the problem too, I could alway restore my defaults (when I find my non-wireless keyboard)

other then that I have no clue. Its pretty dang annoying to have to keep booting up, exp. on a Linux system.