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18th April 2006, 07:37 AM
I read about a similar topic, so I am showing to you all my problem that is somewhat similar bu yet different.

*I*'ll open a internet café, I am not a employee that try to convince the boss, and this is my idea for the configuration:
1st- computer with Fedora as sever with a partition with all home directories and the server services.
2nd- computer (the oldest) with Devil Linux as firewall.
3rd...nth computers as workstation with fedora, with the /home mounted in the server and all free programs I think custumers may need, including: OpenOffice, Wine, Thundrbird, Firefox, Opera, IE (if it works with Wine, of course, it should), Bittorrent, mPlayer (GUI version). With a friendly base configuration with Redmond XP theme and all nice icon of the programs in the desktop.

Using some scripts the machines will count the seconds a person is logged in, and I scale down the seconds they paided. When the time is running out a message (like the /sbin/shutdown ones) will appear.

The server will have three hard disk: a small one with the OS, two big ones in RAID with the homes. Every user will have a max quota... if they need more space, they'll ask me, computers do not replace the word totally ;)

The firewall with be set in order to allow FTP and SSH access, so a user can log in from everywhere or recover its filles with easy (in the FTP a person using his name and pass will go to his /home).

It is just an idea for now, but the plain is roughly the one I wrote. What do you think? I forgot some trivial technical problem?

19th April 2006, 05:06 AM
Sounds like a plan.

ftp is not secure, perhaps just use ssh and tell people to use scp to copy stuff.

Not sure how you would implement the scripts to count down. If you do write something it would be really neat to release it under and open source license.

Also consider installing some games. :)