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16th April 2006, 04:14 PM
1.I am using Fedora Core 3 as the linux server.
2.I have 5 machines with WINDOWS 2000 installed.
3.It is being networked.
4.I am using Fedora core 3 as a proxy server.
5.When i chat in yahoo messenger in WINDOWS 2000 it does not get connected.
6.It doesnot give me a error message.
What may be the problem.I have disabled the firewall.

23rd April 2006, 02:55 AM
1.I am using Fedora Core 3 as a proxy server.
2.I have five clients with Windows 2000.
3.When I use yahoo messenger 7.0 with voice I am able to chat with my friends who are already added to my contact.
4.But when i go to chat room it gives me an error message that "Signing in to yahoo took longer time than expected" or "You have signed in to the different computer so you are being signed out".
5.But i am signing in to the single computer why does it give the error message.
6.I have already added acl Safe_ports 5000 and 5010 in my squid.conf file.
7.Pls help me how to go to chat room. Thanking You