View Full Version : HW detect good for install, not after

16th April 2006, 03:32 AM
I had ReHat 9.0 running on an HP e-PC 42 for some time, and decided to upgrade to fedora 5. The hardware detection (HP wheel mouse on PS2 port, ATI Rage 128 PRO-UTRA, Viewsonic PF790 19" CRT) was correct during the install, clear as can be. Once Xorg tries to come up I got pointing device problems, which I fixed, but the message, "No DFP detected," seems to be a common problem for ATI graphics under fedora as I found searching on the web. I've tried various settings to no availail, but before I get into specifics. I have two questions. 1) Has anyone who has had this problem with ATI boards and solved it that has actually published what worked? 2) Why does the installed Xorg have a problem, but installation does not?