View Full Version : FC5 + Mac on Linux?

12th April 2006, 12:39 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm curious to know whether anybody has Mac on Linux running yet?

When attempting to compile, I get:
error: static declaration of 'current menu' follows non-static declararion

This is after I edited mol-kmods.spec to have License: GPL instead of Copyright: GPL.

My situation is that I have a MacMini, and the dialup modem doesn't work. It probably wont work under MOL anyway without a kernel driver for the modem. (It's integral that I can use a dialup modem. Wireless isn't so important to me.)

I'm thinking that I wont be able to run FC5 without a modem - and should just use Fink/Gnome/KDE under OS X.

Any body have any ideas? Or know of a USB dialup modem that definately works with FC5 PPC?