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4th April 2006, 01:14 PM
I installed FC5 the day it came out. Well i have been wondering since i installed it over windows does that mean all my games are useless? Is there anyway to get my Win games to work with FC5?


4th April 2006, 01:18 PM
Some games have native installers, some will work with wine and some will work with crappy cedega.

There is a list around here somewhere by firewing that's pretty good.

5th April 2006, 01:02 AM
Unfortunately most games are tailored for use with windows or mac, although mac technically a unix operating system it was ported differently than linux was therefore the same principals dont apply. WINE can be used and you can get games like diablo II to work with it, ive done so myself. Unreal Tournament 2004 works natively on linux as does doom 1,2,3 and quake. Other than that if you want to use your windows games the only path im aware of is the winex project also known as cadega. Cadega has been tested and does work with games like CNC generals and the newer games like that. Cadega isn't free though which is a setback in terms of gaming on linux and if you ask me that defeats the purpose of linux being an open source project but hey what can i do about it. Regardless thats pretty much all I can tell you about this issue.