View Full Version : Screen Overflow

4th April 2006, 03:51 AM
Several times when unlocking the screensaver, and once on booting, my FC4 KDE desktop slightly overflows the screen, such that I lose the close buttons on maximised windows, and half the K button is off screen. Locking and unlocking the session does not help, a reboot will get me back to normal, as will doing a Switch User, and immediately logging out of the new session. On the one occasion that this happened from boot, some programs failed to start automatically. I have been running FC4 since about August last year, but this has only happened in the last couple of months. I update regularly. Any clues?
I had another problem with unlocking the screen, probably unrelated; my password was not recognised. It has only happened once. I had the same problem, but repeatedly, with Kubuntu, which was one reason I came back to FC4.