View Full Version : Mount ISOs with fstab

3rd April 2006, 04:34 AM
I added the following lines to my /etc/fstab file,

/mnt/backup/cd-backups/starcraft.iso /mnt/starcraft iso9660 ro,loop,auto,user 0 0
/mnt/backup/cd-backups/broodwar.iso /mnt/broodwar iso9660 ro,loop,auto,user 0 0

but on boot I get a "permission denied" error. I tried setting the permissions on both pairs of folders to read, write, execute for user, group, and other (-rwxrwxrwx for the isos drwxrwxrwx for /mnt/broodwar, and /mnt/starcraft), but still get the permission denied error on boot.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. (I got the drives to mount with "mount -o loop -t iso9660 /mnt/backup/cd-backups/broodwar.iso /mnt/broodwar" if that helps)

(PS: I'm not pirating starcraft, I'm just using this as a work around for the floating mountpoints in FC5)