View Full Version : Vaio S5XP on FC5 and ACPI

2nd April 2006, 07:48 PM
I installed FC5 on Vaio S5XP. The install procedures worked successfully before it restarted. During the next boot after installment, FC5 hanged in the search of udev. I found that the acpi driver made contrict with something. By adding "acpi=off" at the boot command of grub, it started to boot. After that I installed intel wireless pro driver for WIFI. Fortunately it works successfully. Sound card work. Network card work. Graphic card work in 1280x800 (full resolution). Everything works fine, except acpi. Because I turned off acpi for booting, the laptop has worked in full speed without any speedstep technology. The laptop is somewhat noisy, and its bettery has been cosumed very quickly. I think that the laptop needs acpi option desperately for proper working as a laptop. If you have any idea about the solution of the acpi, please let me know it. Thank you, guys.