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29th March 2006, 02:00 PM
Upgraded to glibc 2.3.6-3... It installed, but glibc-common doesn't. The error message is error: unpacking of archive failed: cpio: lstat . Now error messages like these have been a problem for a long time. Whenever anyone complaines about any app refusing to install because of similar messages or files a report via Bugzilla, the "bug" is always changed to be listed by developers I suppose, as "Not a bug".... to cover their total cluelessness in this area.

In spite of this, glibc did install, but not the "common" dependency, so I still have a workable system.

Just do a google search to see how long problems like these have been around. There are thousands of similar ones concerning RedHat and Fedora. So may I politely suggest, or impolitely if you prefer, to RedHat and Fedora developers to get their heads out of the sand and solve their own way of building certain RPMs, especially glibc stuff. It is an insult to users to "solve" problems by listing them as "not a bug"....

If that seems like a rant, it is. And no, it wasn't half as harsh as it should be. If you cannot find a solution, just feel free to get advice from Debian developers.

30th March 2006, 07:20 AM
Possibly the package you downloaded is corrupt either on the server or as you downloaded it, or there's a bug in rpm's cpio implementation somewhere. You can check the package yum downloaded by comparing the sha1sum checkum of the file in /var/cache/yum/ to those on the update notification: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2006-March/msg00086.html

Please reference Bugzilla numbers to prove your point.

30th March 2006, 01:45 PM
or there's a bug in rpm's cpio implementation somewhere.
There is a bug in rpm's cpio implementation. And hundreds of users of RedHat and Fedora have been trying to get developers to notice this for possibly years now. Five years to be exact. When a user reports this as a bug, developers immediately mark it as "Not a Bug" without explaining. This has happend hundreds of times from RedHat and Fedors users around the world, who are now FORMER RedHat/Fedora users. Obviously, this is more than a "BUG". It is a symptom of incompetence.

Here's a post from 2002

Yours truly
Glanz (Former Fedora user)