View Full Version : Freenx - tried it all - help anyone?

28th March 2006, 05:02 AM
I have been trying very unsuccessfully to get freenx working. Using fedora fc4 (trying very hard to) I followed the article below closely - however don't think I got the key copied right

Dumbass -newbie/nob question - how do I copy the key? I opened it through vnc with gedit and then pasted the text into a file and named it .key - don't think that worked.

Then tried the import.

I then found some info on running nxsetup --install --nomachine-key --purge and still no luck

I am getting the errors here:
NX> 202 Authenticating user: nx
NX> 208 Using auth method: publickey
NX> 204 Authentication failed.

I created a user that is already a user on the machine - so kept the name the same, don't know why this client is showing :Authenticating user: nx, my username was different.


29th March 2006, 01:01 PM
I was a bit confused as to how to setup FreeNX when I first installed it as well, it's actually very easy and all of the configuration issues seems to be handled by the RPM installation provided by Rick Stout.

After installing the freenx and nx RPMs, all I had to do was copy the key inside of the /etc/nxserver/client.id_dsa.key to the key area of my connecting client and then connect with a username and password that I had already created when I first installed Fedora. Most any normal user account listed in /etc/passwd should work, even root..although it'll give you a warning that it's a bad idea.

As far as how to get the key from one machine to the other, well there's a bunch of ways to do that. I personally used Samba to copy the key to my home directory, ran the unix2dos command on it (so that text wrapping was correct) and then on my Windows box, I opened the key with wordpad and copied it, then finally pasted it into the nomachine client key area. You may even be able to connect to your Fedora box with Putty and simply cut and paste the key that way.

29th March 2006, 04:41 PM
Yes, copy the information in the key (/etc/nxserver/client.id_dsa.key) to the clipboard, open up the NoMachine client (or whichever client you are using), click on configure, click on Key, erase everything you see and then paste in the informaiton in the clipboard. Click on Save and then connect.

29th March 2006, 07:59 PM
Is there a particular reason not to use the "Import" button and to simply select the file in the browse window?

pparks, does your method save the key in the C:\Program Files\NX Client for Windows\share\keys directory (on windows)?