View Full Version : Partition Hell with FC4

23rd March 2006, 01:52 PM
I have an old Dell Poweredge 450 box, with 6 small scsi (80 pin SCA) drives plugged into the "backplane" When I installed FC4, I did NOT set up a RAID but rather had it span all 6 drives and make one large partition (please don't ask why, I dont' know myself).

Now, during the boot process I get the error message that we are unable to find mount point in /dev/pts or fstab, and it shifts into what I THINK is Kudzu, where it tries to write a swap file and then gives me a whole string of errors re: being unable to chmod to make files writeable and ends with an init. error (sorry I don't have the specific errors here. if they matter, I will post them). I have futzed around with the grub boot and tried to boot into single user mode and have had no luck at all.

I used the rescue cd and it tells me it cant find a partition to mount, gives me a shell, and tells me that some of the partition may be available under /mnt/sysimage. I have NO idea where I should look (although I have definitely poked around in 4 deep layers looking for a "shared" directory (where all my data is.

I have two questions: One, if there is only one user (besides root) named, say "Fred" on this machine, where is the home directory for "fred" when you have a directory that spans drives like this? I would expect to find / -->home /-->Fred, but nothing close to that is viewable in the rescue cd shell.

Two, If i do a reinstall of FC4, will I lose my data?

I have 4 files that are not backed up (live and learn!) that are very important. to me.

Thanks in advance for any help. Any input here would be great or you can email rtpins -at -gmail.com