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  1. compiling error: 'mutex' in namespace 'boost' does not name a type
  2. [SOLVED] Best Version Control Software
  3. Automounting USB drives with udev not working
  4. Execution problem on Fedora 21 (64-bit)
  5. Bash variable problem
  6. gethostname() in C
  7. A programming challenge.
  8. Could not execute build: There are unpushed changes in your repo
  9. Beersmith with dropbox
  10. [SOLVED] Autocompletion, C++, GTK
  11. git clone or pkg-devel
  12. I want to recommend a useful programming tool
  13. [SOLVED] Multithreading
  14. [SOLVED] Install Red Hat Developer Toolset
  15. Chrome Help!
  16. [SOLVED] Automake help
  17. Serialization in Unix and Linux
  18. GUPnP Segfault
  19. Genymotion install fedora 21
  20. Finding Devices In C
  22. Application that requires admin password for settings
  23. Problem with JtextArea in Fedora 21 Java virtual machine
  24. NC not working from script
  25. [SOLVED] rails 4.2 issue - Could not find hike-1.2.3 in any of the sources
  26. Fedora and Oracle JDK
  27. Problems with graphics under fedora 21 / c++
  28. [SOLVED] Problems with FIFOs
  29. Python problems
  30. Q's about pacman
  31. KDE Specific ".desktop" file documentation??
  32. Programming for Gnome 3 Interface
  33. How to create rpms
  34. Best way to maintain rpmbuild folder?
  35. MD5sum versus sha1sum or sha256sum
  36. Eclipse freezes F21 while using debug perspective
  37. Asterisk Dialplan
  38. Asterisk DAHDI
  39. A .configure is failing
  40. keytool -exportcert -rfc -file pemfile saves in windows mode
  41. SWI prolog package broken
  42. Rpm Build: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.hI2V3W (%install)
  43. Using at in shell scripts
  44. [SOLVED] Building ffmpeg...
  45. curl to log into router with form based auth
  46. yum update updates nothing
  47. Building ffmpeg (cd-paranoia)...
  48. Trying to figure programming language used for snippet
  49. [SOLVED] How to observe program command through cli
  50. Running program from IDE
  51. How does Linux manage shared code
  52. pip install python modules and native modules(rpms)
  53. Compiling help needed
  54. Generate Random Mac Address Generator
  55. Questions about Docker
  56. What script is executed immediately after a logon from switch-user
  57. Combining choice of python version with environment modules
  58. A Compass dev env
  59. [SOLVED] Can I do a For .... do .... done in a makefile
  60. [SOLVED] Screen with separated parallel view !
  61. Alarm-clock
  62. [SOLVED] Building libdvdcss
  63. [SOLVED] Self Aware Software
  64. [SOLVED] hdreg.h
  65. mingw32/64 qt5 qtquickcontrols and serialport
  66. I Need Some Bash Help
  67. Doesn't Fedora 22 have JBoss EAP any more?
  68. C++ help
  69. Configuring fcitx
  70. [SOLVED] A script programming challenge
  71. [SOLVED] rpmlint reports: W: deprecated-grep
  72. Week numbers from date and from cal programs
  73. remove line
  74. Where to put log4j jar file?
  75. Android ABD woes
  76. changes to gcc?
  77. Problem of depencies while building fc21
  78. change file format
  79. can not run the script - too many lines
  80. Created a screen recording program for linux
  81. Python script on apache
  82. logo-initialize-hooks: Symbol's function definition is void: make-local-hook
  83. test suite segmentation fault on arm platform
  84. [SOLVED] Building Software for Fedora 21 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
  85. dnf 1.0.2 soon
  86. [SOLVED] Enable 'make uninstall' hook
  87. [SOLVED] Possible to have 'make install' in specfile?
  88. gtk_widget_override_color ( ) Deprecated
  89. cut row
  90. Locking LUKS in the command line
  91. [SOLVED] A new grep behavior?
  92. Whats your two or three favourite programming languages
  93. GDB - error
  94. Need to activate device
  95. libvpx, RPMs, SPEC file question
  96. Can't dnf just use differential metadata?
  97. installing log4j 2.3 or 2.4 on fedora 21
  98. New to writing .specs -- files section questions
  99. can't compile Yarock QT Music Player on Fedora 22
  100. Inversion of Control
  101. A good IDE for C++ for Fedora
  102. Can't get zen coding plugin to show
  103. Pascal
  104. Kernel Bisect
  105. [SOLVED] Given a user name, return the name of his ~
  106. JBoss configuration for server.log logging of protocol
  107. ARM GCC cross compiler on fedora 22
  108. Having an informational string when trying to log into Fedora
  109. Where can I find build recipes for nvidia-304.xx driver?
  110. C: Cannot find -lpcap when statically compiling a C project
  111. How do I install Koala compiler?
  112. Programming challenge: Create a random permutation
  113. Programming Challenge: Create a list of X random numbers between Y and Z
  114. date routines--julian <-->gregorian
  115. [SOLVED] Need help scripting nmcli for wifi connect
  116. Programming Calculator
  117. Restoring functionality to Nautilus
  118. Linux kernel compilation error
  119. Why does BuildRequires fail on some RPMs and proceed on others?
  120. [SOLVED] rpm package - installing error: Failed dependencies:
  121. Building packages for CentOS 7
  122. wxWidgets 2.8 to wxWidgets 3.0: wxLocale problems
  123. [SOLVED] bash backup does not complete dumping directories/files
  124. [SOLVED] package builds not with phonon-qt5
  125. How to run a script from within an RPM?
  126. Script from RPM %post does not interact with user
  127. Setting /dev/ttyS0 baud rate to >115200
  128. GNU TUI (developers, scripters & enthusiasts)
  129. [SOLVED] need to manually install tar.gz package.
  130. [SOLVED] koji build of speed-dreams fails on arm
  131. [SOLVED] pip can't install anything
  132. plasma-workspace source error
  133. [SOLVED] program only runs when building from scratch, but not as rpm package
  134. systemd part in rpm spec file doesn't work
  135. [SOLVED] Help to install to learn/develop in Java
  136. jhbuild error when building adwaita-icon-theme
  137. How disable the password request window
  138. VLC Media Player ( RPM ) - Install Error ( F22 WS 64-Bit )
  139. Please execute this program on your Fedora and help me
  140. i can't install development kit or c++ compiler on my fedora 21 .
  141. mpirun
  142. Why am I getting a segmentation fault?
  143. gcc installed,how to get c# and c++ now.
  144. Can a Fedora user test this bitcoin RPM spec file?
  145. Thinking about developing a viewer for incremental backups
  146. Compiling gkrellm plugins
  147. Rpmfusion version of audacity-freeworld is broken
  148. MultiMC - Minecraft launcher
  149. Can't seem to get a timeout working when connecting to a socket
  150. libcrypt
  151. [SOLVED] rpmlint reports E: debuginfo-without-sources
  152. How to make vistual host using apache on Fedora 23
  153. Need a packager
  154. Need to ensure only a single instance running
  155. .bcrc
  156. where are my tcl/tk libraries installed
  157. [SOLVED] Want to get a bash variable from a script but not run it
  158. Thumb rules on closing ports by stopping service
  159. Disabling ipv6
  160. [SOLVED] Bash Script Help needed!
  161. A Fedora Utility for public use
  162. Another Utility that I created
  163. File encryption story
  164. grep for user in /etc/passwd
  165. Wishlist Will there ever be blivet-gui for Anaconda?
  166. inconsistent daemon shutdown on OS shutdown
  167. daemon start/stop script
  168. Alternative to Gnu Make.pdf documentation
  169. Struggling to get c++ boost::program_options to run
  170. Rust on fedora
  171. html web page background
  172. sounding a bell
  173. [SOLVED] Find my IP on a router
  174. OpenGL program causes system crashing/hanging
  175. compilations fails with wxcurl
  176. Become part of official Fedora archive?
  177. Programming Challenge: Solve the equation cos(x) = x
  178. SELinux Ref-Policy source fails to compile
  179. Mod for a Steam Game not building.
  180. Run a cronjob every second week. A Challenge
  181. servo browser alpha on Fedora
  182. [SOLVED] GCC 6 math.h. Which is the right g++ option?
  183. getting my IP address
  184. how to patch the fedora (non vanilla) kernel
  185. Package Rebuild Error
  186. Packaging a Conglomeration
  187. [SOLVED] npm install without sudo
  188. Why has Repetierhost not been updated in 3 years?
  189. Cannot find certain packages to install in Fedora 22
  190. A fstab cross referencer.
  191. texlive
  192. [SOLVED] using boost & recommended IDE for C++?
  193. Accessing and coloring of single pixel in GTK+
  194. [SOLVED] origin of an executing program
  195. No icons or categories in sofwate center when building RPM
  196. Configuring?? for tvtime with kworld
  197. Where do I put systemd .service file in the rpm.spec
  198. How do I determing Fedora or RHEL in the Makefile for RPM
  199. Toolbar Configuration in Evolution
  200. [SOLVED] New package suggestion (Nextcloud)
  201. How to exclude a .git repository from a tar backup
  202. Despairingly need help with: php-pecl-apcu with php5.6 on Fedora 24
  203. Incrementing a file with bash
  204. rpmbuild compiling executable as shared library
  205. [SOLVED] Can any one convert these to scripts ?
  206. Error Messages
  207. Php mssql_connect fedora ws 25
  208. build rpm without compiling the source file
  209. Is leapyear Function
  210. [SOLVED] how to solve rpmlint: W: manual-page-warning
  211. Hourly Crontab w/ Notification
  212. Trying to compile OpenFirmware by following instructions that doesn't work on Fedora
  213. Using gcc for 32-bit compilation on Fedora 25
  214. [SOLVED] About "-" & "0.3" in multi-rules single script file
  215. gedit Syntax Highlighting
  216. [SOLVED] What is rule of "exit" command in script ??
  217. GoldenDict Shortcut
  218. Direction
  219. [SOLVED] Build of asgp failed since update to libclaw-1.7.4-16.fc25
  220. Managing Error messages.
  221. [SOLVED] External device software
  222. Formating Source Code
  223. Adaptive Software
  224. Kivy .rpm for Fedora 25?
  225. Help me in installing Franz messenger !
  226. [SOLVED] Which is most secure from these 3 Skype alternatives ?
  227. [SOLVED] packaging problem - rm: cannot remove ... Permission denied
  228. [SOLVED] Installing Free Pascal
  229. Encryption Library
  230. [SOLVED] Help me with Tox installation
  231. I can't install Photomatix for Linux
  232. Fate of Great Linux Programs That Their Developers stop from Development ?!!
  233. Trying to build F25 kernel from source RPM.. no luck.
  234. KDE Plasma 5.9 packages for Fedora
  235. Spec files and building RPMs
  236. [SOLVED] How to reset Gnome-shell-theme in C++
  237. Hardware Software tools
  238. Automated Repository Creation
  239. Nautilus Extension C++ Bindings
  240. [SOLVED] How to change AD password with php
  241. Numato GPIO board
  242. utilities optimisation
  243. [SOLVED] Help me with variables !
  244. Programming Challenge - list prime numbers
  245. yumex-dnf
  246. ocl_types.h:53:9: error: unknown type name '__UINT32_TYPE__'
  247. View Local PHP page in browser
  248. Why not New operators for C?
  249. Google search history?
  250. Packaging Python apps as RPM