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  1. Give input to a website using a program
  2. [SOLVED] makemkv for fedora 17 installation fails
  3. Required Anatomy of the RPM Spec File of a Package with no Content
  4. gtk3 color
  5. pointer from integer without a cast
  6. How best to assist novice programmers.
  7. computer with only a hard disk and wifi server
  8. Makefile with source code in 2 directory
  9. Bash script question
  10. help on scanning bibtex file using flex
  11. X-Windows Programming
  12. Qt4 development environment
  13. Zeitgeist activity-log-manager?
  14. g++
  15. eclipse
  16. Looking for some feedback
  17. [SOLVED] get the full string when a word matches
  18. How do you read UTF16 strings in C/C++?
  19. Makefile not creating .o for a dependency
  20. [SOLVED] If loop in bash with multiple conditions
  21. C program in fedora
  22. Help with script for easily (and hopefully automatically) moving files around
  23. rpmbuild packaging question
  24. a bug in a small exercise program.how do i correct it. thank you.
  25. Run pyc (compiled Python) without the python command
  26. [SOLVED] Use of Conflict and Obsolete for Coreutils.
  27. How do I flag an RPM as a bug or security fix?
  28. [SOLVED] qvdpautest - files are missing
  29. ruby on fedora 17
  30. Header File conio.h is not recognized in gcc compiler
  31. Very easy to create RPM by Almohazzem 0.3.1
  32. [SOLVED] Interactive Bash script question
  33. cannot compile while loop
  34. Netbeans and MinGW
  35. Php+pdo_informix on fedora 17
  36. [SOLVED] which QT for GUI application programming on Fedora-16
  37. [SOLVED] substitute ^ with <sup>
  38. Best audio format for compressed quality
  39. When can we expect version 1.02 of Lazarus, the Free Pascal IDE, to appear in Fedora
  40. [SOLVED] rpmlint E: non-executable-script
  41. How to convert an array to sc_lv in SystemC?
  42. [SOLVED] Shell script from php !
  43. Milner Symposium 2012
  44. GNU Tools Cauldron 2012
  45. [SOLVED] Sed command !
  46. [SOLVED] Telnet devices using list file !
  47. Making RPMs easy
  48. Writing to a file with PHP
  49. Package list snapshotting
  50. awk command to change 1 field based on values of 2
  51. PF_PACKET socket
  52. [BASH]: Issues with dhclient
  53. [SOLVED] C++ question
  54. [SOLVED] Bad shell script code??
  55. Anyone want to take a crack at this short script?
  56. [SOLVED] Does JDK 1.6.0_09 support 16bit wav file playing via AudioClip?
  57. New to Fedora need help installing Python tools
  58. [SOLVED] Newbie C++ question.
  59. Bash for batch renaming
  60. [SOLVED] Discuss about regexp ...
  61. [SOLVED] can not compile guayadeque on Fedora 18
  62. [SOLVED] koji package build fails for fedora 18
  63. AI script ideas
  64. stock and futures price checker
  65. My Adventures with C++
  66. gcc compiler in fedora 17
  67. gcc compiler in fedora 17
  68. How To Locate repository for a package
  69. [SOLVED] [BASH]: variable empty at random?
  70. [Python] System Scriptig?
  71. Error:sed: -e expression #1, char 12: unterminated `s' command
  72. [SOLVED] Fortran real(10) real(16) C interoperability
  73. How to build source kernel
  74. How do I install a package while ignoring dependancies?
  75. [SOLVED] gdb not finding glibc Fedora 17
  76. Want to learn python
  77. Pesistent ARP cache!
  78. [SOLVED] [BASH]: Issue with sed to change grub theme.
  79. The next 3 years in Linux development
  80. What will programming look like in 2020?
  81. Webkit, Progress Bar and Signals
  82. Been well surprised by OpenJDK performances
  83. Problem on eclipse on Fedora 17
  84. Opening a TGA file to write corrupts it [c++]
  85. A Wikipedia of Programming Libraries
  86. usb sd card reader - where to start?
  87. If interested with ! Solving a Bison/Flex issue
  88. Run bash as a child process in C having same effect as do ssh has
  89. Tryng to learn python scripting, seeking opinions
  90. Build rpm for php source code
  91. Does java monitor include instance variables.
  92. help on init.d/functions daemon --pidfile
  93. help on init.d/functions daemon --pidfile
  94. bin/ld: cannot find -lz
  95. GPU helping CPU with computing
  96. libxml2.so.2, needed by libfontconfig.so
  97. C++11 & The Long-Term Viability Of GCC Is Questioned
  98. bash / python equivalent code
  99. [SOLVED] FC18 and Zend Server CE
  100. Java J2ME program compile error in Netbeans 7.2.1
  101. tool chain
  102. Programming challenge: Query a database
  103. Intended developers not exclusively dealing with Linux
  104. Is there a better way to pass arguments through g_signal_connect()?
  105. How to build for i686 on x86_64 platform
  106. RPM complains about directories that already exist
  107. java compiler error
  108. Fine tuning a grep / awk command
  109. TDE for Fedora18
  110. [SOLVED] C++ and sockets
  111. [BASH]: Handler for GIT produces version-mix
  112. Gnome policy authorization not working
  113. WxWidget unicode=no
  114. Cannot connect to koji web
  115. [BASH]: Downloading video from streamcloud
  116. [BASH] PS1 variable and bash prompt
  117. XML Resources and Advice
  118. Git - merge (defalut vs no-fast-forward)
  119. New to programming
  120. Ruby, RVM, and the rubygem-rvm package
  121. Pygame...no font?
  122. include <linux/serialP.h>
  123. tuple
  124. Pygame for Python3
  125. [SOLVED] Shell? Script to compile multiple files... C++
  126. Compile vanilla kernels in F18
  127. Ctags for MonoDevelop
  128. How can an unknown xml string be parsed into tags and values?
  129. Software Design tutorials anyone?
  130. MonoDevelop vs Code::Blocks a la Fedora 18
  131. vim on spec file
  132. I like Thunar's recent tabs capability, but ...
  133. bash / sed to clean up filenames
  134. Processing UNICODE filenames etc
  135. Fix for netbeans updatetool on Fedora 64bit
  136. Possible Anaconda GUI re-work?
  137. python 'sh' module wraps any linux command
  138. Anjunta Plugins Anyone?
  139. RPM Creator Walkthrough
  140. Icons for Applications
  141. Tips on GUI Design
  142. How to programmatically obtain system location and language in C/C++
  143. Python-add elements to a list
  144. Perl, Bash, Aspell, Text::Aspell - If interested with
  145. python-pip vs. yum
  146. Java: need bigger heap size
  147. Java: need bigger heap size
  148. Gstreamer ,Acoustic echo cancellation
  149. UI file not at correct location after installation of Anjuta project
  150. Help with a bash batch command that renames files in a zip
  151. [SOLVED] Trying to install metasploit
  152. gcc -nostartfiles change C library?
  153. Re-checking the ReactOS project
  154. Compiling programs in these languages
  155. A bash script problem
  156. Script error
  157. Gtksourceview color schemes help.
  158. script problem "unexpected EOF"
  159. [SOLVED] Check if file it's empty !
  160. html javascript php mysql
  161. Isolate header
  162. Where does rpm define %_arch ??
  163. Transferring Gedit Themes to Anjuta
  164. Game Programming in Vala
  165. [BASH] Fun Project: CLI/TUI Installer for Fedora
  166. rpm spec file question
  167. Is there any different between the codes of gambas and viusal basic??
  168. No GSL static libraries in repo?
  169. LaTeX with gedit.
  170. Webkit and Program Generated Content
  171. [SOLVED] Perl - Understanding Fedora's test stuff
  172. LLVM's Clang Compiler Is Now C++11 Feature Complete
  173. packaging multilib and lang files
  174. Learning Programming Advice
  175. [SOLVED] "Super Pi" benchmarking tool source code
  176. Experience with Vala
  177. Programming challenge: Listen on a socket
  178. using clang link time optimization ???
  179. how to send the mail using PHP mail function
  180. Sandboxing Applications
  181. RubyOnRails Server keeps craching
  182. PHP mail() function not working.
  183. CMake (CPack) rpm example
  184. Code Quality of Open Source
  185. [Help] Programing port paralel with 8 led in fedora
  186. [SOLVED] Eclipse, CDT, Autotools and C++11
  187. [SOLVED] package has broken dependencies
  188. How to package a kernel module
  189. [SOLVED] [BASH]: sed with a selection of an array fails, regex?
  190. Where/how to suggest package for Fedora?
  191. Install 'readline' dep for iPython
  192. [SOLVED] Problem adding kernel module in .config
  193. Reformatting Code For DDD
  194. Arduino IDE no longer opening
  195. workaround for geany high cpu usage
  196. Beginner questions about GCC and target platforms
  197. [SOLVED] [BASH] Problems with argument parsing
  198. PERL DBI guru needed
  199. rpm warning: %postun scriptlet failed
  200. udp send calls block when logging in
  201. Just click to generate 3 linux packages ( RPM - DEB - TGZ ) - Almohazzem
  202. [SOLVED] Generating Manpages using a script, problems with formatting
  203. Programming challenge: Approximate an area
  204. Cannot run Android SDK manager except as root
  205. Using tee in a pipe
  206. remove packages that are no longer needed
  207. mounting rw DVD
  208. Automaticly generated manpages, further suggestions?
  209. Adding script
  210. XAMPP or standalone Apache + MySQL
  211. xterm question (translating Solaris Korn scripts to run on RHEL)
  212. gtk_box_pack_start_defaults
  213. bash:java command not found...
  214. Compiling Question
  215. Problems with patch application to a source
  216. beginner programming/compiling in GCC
  217. Programming, Missing XMstrings
  218. htons() and htonl() question?
  219. [SOLVED] Scripting ffmpeg
  220. GSList memory problem
  221. Packing a rpm of ffms2
  222. Can't install phpunit.
  223. Installing DOM
  224. GTK3 or WxWidgets - Which one?
  225. gdb not finding symbols in separate debuginfo
  226. Java doesn't connect with MySQL on Fedora 18
  227. keytool - error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so
  228. How to get OpenGL 3 on Mesa 9 (Fedora 18)
  229. How can you reliably get the routed local IP address from C++
  230. error: Directory not found by glob - packaging changed in F19
  231. MariaDB question
  232. Programming on Fedora 19
  233. Programming challenge: Create a chart
  234. Using GEDIT to Create a Webpage
  235. >.dep file creation when using gnu make system.
  236. Linux Programming vs. Windows Server Programming
  237. [SOLVED] Autotools, subprojects and separate build directories.
  238. Standard Practices for Applications
  239. [SOLVED] Uninstall TOTALLY tomcat
  240. [Script] Fedora Post Installation
  241. Using Qt on Fedora 19 KDE?
  242. [SOLVED] Script doesnt update remote repositry
  243. How do I add +lua to vim?
  244. IR is better than assembly
  245. [C++] Total VIM environment setup
  246. Packaging workflow: Why bodhi does not have a package?
  247. Interesting Thoughts on First Language
  248. Resizing Gtk TreeView Columns
  249. [SOLVED] GIT push without password entering?
  250. Cross Platform Obstacles