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  1. How to valadoc
  2. smart XML rexexp
  3. F16 kernel module compilation
  4. [SOLVED] Simple but special question concerning kmod-package
  5. Plugins/Extensions in an C/C++ program.
  6. Advice on version control
  7. anyone in here using arduino embedded hobby boards?
  8. Makefile error (libz.so.1: cannot open shared object file)
  9. [SOLVED] Gnome notification/confirmation bubbles
  10. makefile creation
  11. Memory usage calculation
  12. [SOLVED] GTK: Window transparency
  13. How to debug a program
  14. How to get output from c program in a different language
  15. send data between two gnome terminals
  16. Ascii Art
  17. root privileges for qt app
  18. Bash Help
  19. Difference between using enum and #define
  20. size of integer
  21. How to get the pid of a process started using system()
  22. global problem in x11vnc package
  23. akmod rpm: problems with "version magic"
  24. RPM keys failing to Verify
  25. kernel Programming
  26. Okay - question for the smartest forum, ever
  27. [SOLVED] Help with MIPS Assembly noob
  28. Tries with a Bash Forum signature generator
  29. Automation of login / logout process ?
  30. a duplicate file name exists, or the file cannot be found
  31. I can not compile .cpp file,error compile
  32. To write on process space..
  33. New maintainer: how to upgrade an existing package
  34. VIm regex
  35. Its looking a bit more like Christmas !
  36. Synaptiks
  37. Operating System programming - Fedora
  38. GUI Interfaces
  39. echo "Hello World";
  40. sea's Script Collection, feedback wanted
  41. [SOLVED] [bash-string] First char caps, rest lower chars
  42. Improvement suggestion welcomed ?
  43. make install/fast ?
  44. [SOLVED] [bash] Computer Information
  45. [SOLVED] [GIT] Panic because of sourceforge.net 500 error
  46. fortran compile & run commands
  47. linux command & c program ?
  48. Allegro4 on Fedora16
  49. porting
  50. Reading file across LAN
  51. [SOLVED] what's wrong with scipy package in fedora.
  52. [BASH] Verifying X11 is installed?
  53. Question on package building?
  54. C calling a function at exact every second?
  55. Simple patch and replace package question
  56. MySQL, Netbeans in Fedora 16
  57. HELP:The value for the useBean class attribute javazoom.upload.UploadBean is invalid.
  58. Compilation Problems in Lex
  59. build 32bits program on F16-64bits
  60. Where is my error?
  61. upgrade directly from F14 to F16
  62. [SOLVED] [BASH] cat, grep.. not found?
  63. New gpg encryption/signing frontend: looking for name suggestions
  64. rpm BUILD/Packagename is not created
  65. Bad case in AVL tree
  66. to tailor or to open file in gcc inline asm
  67. can't compile PackageKit, broken libxml2?
  68. A simple bash scripting question.
  69. [SOLVED] [BASH] egrep REGEX to exclude files containing a "."?
  70. Emacs
  71. C++ pretty output of SHA 256
  72. bash script
  73. Package in Java
  74. simple help :)
  75. Reading rpm database from windows.
  76. Python and Tkinter
  77. [SOLVED] How much memory is allocated?
  78. [SOLVED] beesu - insecure, gksu, gksudo and kdesu not found
  79. Simple bash script question
  80. assembly_program
  81. telnet script auto getting information
  82. bis in gcc inline asm
  83. Bash script logging.
  84. Color in x86asm
  85. how to Change the tag values of a rpm package
  86. ms-dos debugger to transfer in a notepad file
  87. Using GIT to update scripts at enduser?
  88. /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpam
  89. FORTRAN Compiler Difficulties
  90. how to exract rpm files and rebuild it again?
  91. madvise() not working
  92. [SOLVED] rpmbuild: cant create dir, permission denied
  93. Memory map or physical address of some memory allocated by malloc
  94. How to extract a bundled libray (SOLID-2.0) from speed-dreams
  95. Parallel Processing?
  96. [SOLVED] RPC return data size limit?
  97. Using Sigaction handler
  98. I want to write "Hello Fedora Forum" in gcc with x86asm
  99. wierd output of fprintf for double variable
  100. needs help in programming
  101. Incorrect file opening
  102. Help with gjs (Gnome Extension Development)
  103. [SOLVED] cannot remove file, Permission denied
  104. how to learn programming with c++ under fedora?
  105. Resource for GTK+
  106. rpmlint/mock errors
  107. bash output in columns
  108. [SOLVED] [Q][python] writing functions
  109. creating backup of "/var"
  110. gtkmozembed?
  111. SDL-OpenGL: high CPU usage
  112. Scripting for a fresh install.
  113. FEKC - Fedora Easy Kernel Compiler
  114. [SOLVED] RPM's handling of config files, not working for me
  115. [SOLVED] [PHP] include variable?
  116. Resources ('solutions') regarding RSS implention to php?
  117. Can Master recommend some usefull books about QT programming?
  118. [SOLVED] Automatic script execution !
  119. Shared library spec file
  120. How to display the video which captured by v4l in the window
  121. anyone know if a javascript obfuscator that exists in any of the fedora repos?
  122. error make g77
  123. [SOLVED] gcc, assembly, as, ld, 32-bit vs 64-bit
  124. Telnet using bash script !
  125. Setting up a Java Development Environment.
  126. Proper usage of ANT in F16?
  127. Usage of Ant.
  128. Announcing the Open Source Translation Database
  129. [SOLVED] trouble with cmake in rpm building
  130. [SOLVED] Cmake and Qt4
  131. subpackage %install section?
  132. Packaging for beginners?
  133. Pthread in Real time kernel
  134. (C++) Count items in std::string array
  135. Help with static lib packaging
  136. How to import file i.e package in fedora?
  137. dependencies in cmake
  138. Issues with shc on RHEL / CentOS 6+
  139. Does order of independent kernel-module insertion at system startup matter?
  140. RPM-ified the app, any hope for the DB?
  141. [SOLVED] Manpage, is it really that simple?
  142. add shutdown and restart to gnome-shell
  143. find path in cmake
  144. header_files
  145. how to put a program/script in startup
  146. [SOLVED] lib exists, but yum fails because it can't find it?
  147. Little Bash Problem
  148. 7zip question for a bash script.
  149. Which programming lang *ducks*
  150. How do you create your own programming language hmm?
  151. C and GUI's O_o?
  152. Remove lines of text using a script
  153. [SOLVED] problem with precompiled binaries in rpm package
  154. how to use export CXXFLAGS in spec file?
  155. how to be compiled under different OS like sqlite.c
  156. Error unpacking rpm package
  157. Why can't I sign an RPM package with my GPG key?
  158. pthread with c++ (multithreading)
  159. Spawn notifications with your program similar to KTorrent or ABRT
  160. Python displayed on http?
  161. [SOLVED] New Cluster
  162. If interested with ! An introduction to PAM programming in C
  163. Script or program to show recently modified files
  164. groovyConsole -- doesn't it support commas in for loops?
  165. A bash loop question
  166. qgis-devel package usage
  167. [SOLVED] What the heck is QGtkStyle and why can't PyQt Find it?
  168. linuxassembly.org
  169. EL6 - Mumble Packaging woes
  170. Help with linux cut command
  171. error: 'tr' was not declared in this scope
  172. ClutterGst Segfaulting
  173. Parallel programming
  174. If there is no sizeof operator in C
  175. [SOLVED] [bash] Cut off from array
  176. %20%20%20%20: what does that mean?
  177. Confused about Python all() function
  178. screenshot of a webkit webview for a gnome shell extension
  179. yet another sed thread - find and replace
  180. How to configure jython to use apachi poi
  181. Is there a systematic way to read and understand code?
  182. how to get a partition's uuid
  183. Develop wifi driver for kernel 3.0
  184. Build OpenSSL with EC, Write spec file, add to a personal respository
  185. Making a CMakeLists.txt
  186. [SOLVED] how to get a disk partition's start cylinder?
  187. Fourier Transforming in C
  188. Why isn't NetBeans IDE in Fedora 17?
  189. [Help]I really confused about the permission of DocumentRoot in Apache
  190. 4MLinux Devel Edition
  191. Graphical languages of the Russian space program
  192. eclipse + boost spirit
  193. D programming
  194. J programming language
  195. If you know Lisp/Scheme, I need assistance (specifically in Racket)
  196. Help on compiling driver
  197. [SOLVED] rpm creation and systemd problem
  198. Problem with R: Labels too big, doesn't show up.
  199. 7 lines of code, 3 minutes: Implement a programming language from scratch
  200. [SOLVED] Launch an interactive bash script before logging in to Gnome
  201. [SOLVED] rpmbuild changes ARCH during build
  202. ARM linker fail
  203. Java JVM installation 64-bit
  204. TuxCut-4.0 an anti-netcut application for linux
  205. Programming challenge: Create a GUI window
  206. alternative for getchar in Linux ?
  207. program accept argument from both stdin and command line
  208. Looking For A File.
  209. where to learn c code?
  210. rpmbuild aircrack-ng error
  211. issue with Java.lang.Cloneable interface guidelines
  212. More bash scripting help
  213. cmake generate library
  214. [SOLVED] Mysql problem
  215. Matrix Style bash script
  216. AVR programming requirement
  217. Integrating Octave in C or C++
  218. Network Proxy Settings
  219. Codec Pack - Good Bad Ugly
  220. Build PHP RPM - apxs error
  221. PyQt QThread problem
  222. How to get started?
  223. PyQt4 Phonon problem
  224. create_ssl_certificate in rpm spec file
  225. how can visual programming?
  226. Help creating spec file for gMTP
  227. Python syntax problems
  228. SHA2 256 in PERL?
  229. Beginning to program in C in Linux
  230. A bash script that needs constructive criticism
  231. Suggestions wanted for building and installing large systems.
  232. Gedit Syntax Highlighting
  233. sqlite_exec() callback within a class
  234. [SOLVED] Random selection assistance please? (C/C++)
  235. [SOLVED] Bash & Postgre Error capturing
  236. [SOLVED] Python script.
  237. Getting Started with Kdevelop and QT
  238. Processing Files In a Directory
  239. [SOLVED] For all you genius'
  240. [SOLVED] bohdi AutoQA: depcheck test FAILED
  241. g++ header files
  242. GNU libc 2.16 build fails
  243. Trouble building hexchat on Fedora 17
  244. Troubleshoot and/or Repair Yum Confusion
  245. File Information
  246. GCC error when building matplotlib
  247. Ipv6 static routes display problem
  248. RPM equivalent packages to DEBs
  249. cc1plus: error: invalid option `avx'
  250. Give input to a website using a program