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  1. Forum Upgrade and this Section
  2. VB4 Upgrade feedback
  3. Auto save
  4. What a nice upgrade. And my appreciation is to the individuals who did the work
  5. Something I've noticed with VBulletin.
  6. Enhancement possibility: Personalized forum themes
  7. Error on Log Out
  8. View unanswered posts
  9. permanently "disable the smileys in text"
  10. Searching for icq on forum did not find any result.
  11. Slight delay in own posts showing in "new posts" list
  12. Where is the legacy fedoraforum.org ?
  13. Brighter blue for hyperlinks
  14. Late notifications
  15. How to search old threads
  16. [SOLVED] any way to add "solved" to thread tools ?
  17. Forum Tools -> Mark as read
  18. [SOLVED] Prefix requirement for new threads
  19. No notifications from subscribed forum
  20. Darker font
  21. [SOLVED] Have to select "SOLVED"